Bunkie_sleeping cabin_betterwaysheds_ontario canada
cabin bunkie guestcabin betterwaysheds
Bunkie sleeping cabin ontario canada
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Bunkie sleeping cabin ontario canada
10x16 units starting at $9,499

Add one of these custom Cottage Sheds to your property and augment your sleeping space for family and friends.  Use as Home Office, pool house, art studio or She-Shed.  We'll deliver fully pre-built, so you can enjoy it right away! 

At 10x16 sq. ft., permit not necessary.

Standard Features:

  • Gable roof style
  • Metal entry double door with windows and locking handle
  • 2 insulated windows with screen, positioned closer to metal entry door to allow more space at back
  • Foil-Underfloor insulation (wind-block R-4)
  • House-wrap under siding

Construction method:

  • Wall: 2x4, 16” on centre
  • Base: Pressure Treated 4x4 runners, Pressure treated 2x4 floor joist 16" on centre, 5/8” plywood
  • Architectural Shingles (6 shingle colours available)
  • Your choice of 15 paint colours

*Full spray-foam insulation and electrical packages available, request a quote.

*Customized interior finished available, request a quote.

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Pricing by Size
Gable roof (A-Frame)
Gambrel Roof (Barn-Style)