Site Preparation

At Better Way Sheds we specialize in delivering fully assembled units from 8'x8' to 14'x44'. These quality, pre-built structures require a level base for the windows and doors to function properly. A concrete or gravel pad are the generally accepted methods of preparing a base.  We recommend you consider going with a gravel base for our product.

We recommend a gravel base for a couple reasons:

  1. Our structures include a wooden floor and so gravel offers a better form of drainage for the base of our structures.
  2. A gravel base is typically about half the cost of a concrete base and so you will save money by choosing gravel over concrete.

For a gravel base we recommend; 1'-2' wider, 1'-2' longer and 4"-6" deep of 7/8 clear gravel, for proper drainage. In our experience it works well to dig out 6" of sod, lay landscape fabric, add the 7/8 or 3/4 clear stone, level and compact it to an "on-grade" level. 

*See here this helpful gravel calculator (Please note we are not affiliated with Summit, nor do they service our area, but have found their website helpful for estimating gravel usage): Summit Gravel Calculator


If concrete is desired please consult with us as specific dimensions are required.

We work with locally trusted companies to offer our customers top-notch site preparation services. Please contact us for a quote.