This Decorative Style for Storage Shed or even Tiny Home.
Chalet Storage Shed ontario
Chalet Storage Shed ontario
Chalet Storage Shed wooler trenton ontario
Chalet Storage Shed ontario
Chalet Storage Shed lindsay ontario
Chalet storage shed beige brown
Chalet storage shed brown
Chalet storage shed with garage door
Chalet storage shed garage door
Chalet storage shed red
Chalet storage shed
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If you're looking to add character and style to your yard space our Chalet may be the right choice for you! 

* Quaint and beautiful looking storage option.
* Comes standard with an wooden front door and opening window for light and fresh air
* 5' Double doors at the gable end allows for multiple access 
* Makes a great playhouse, office, or a gardening workshop
* Upgrades available for Guest House
Chalet sheds come standard with 5' double door and 36" out-opening wooden entry door centred between two windows with shutters. The side walls are 6' 4.5" with a 7/12 pitch.




  • Gable style roof
  • 5' double door with black hardware and locking handle installed on either end of a building
  • Stylish dormer
  • 36" Wooden, out-opening, entry door 
  • 2 opening windows with screen and shutters

Construction method:

  • Wall: 2x4, 16” on centre
  • Base: PT 4x4, 2x4, 5/8” plywood
  • Architectural shingled roof
  • Your choice of 13 paint & 6 shingle colours

Upgrades available:

  • Insulation
  • Electrical
  • 6x6 OH door
  • Metal Entry Door
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    Pricing by Size
    80 sqft
    96 sqft
    112 sqft
    128 sqft
    120 sqft
    140 sqft
    160 sqft
    200 sqft