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chicken coops_Canadian Coop_BetterWaySheds_outside_door and window
chicken coops_Canadian Coop_BetterWaySheds_outside
chicken coops_Canadian Coop_BetterWaySheds_outside_nesting boxes
chicken coops_Canadian Coop_BetterWaySheds_inside_window_coop flooring
chicken coops_Canadian Coop_BetterWaySheds_outside_nesting boxes
4x5 Lean2-Style Chicken coop $1,299 HOLDS 8-10 chickens

4x5 Lean2-Style Coop
Painted exterior grade siding

  • Trim: WHITE
  • Shingles: BLACK
  • approx 6' High
  • approx 1' off ground
  • SOLID WHITE GLASS-BOARD Floor (for easy cleanup)
  • 4 nesting boxes
  • Holds 8-10 chickens

STANDARD FEATURES: Paint or oil based stain, keyed entry door, nesting boxes, roosting bar, Opening window w/screen, asphalt shingles, 50yr Smart-Siding, aluminum drip edge, 5/8 plywood Flooring, Pressure treated 4x4 Base


  • Venting
  • Chicken door with ramp
  • Extra windows


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