4x8 Quaker Style Clay Chicken Coop

HOLDS 16-18 Chickens
4x8 Quaker Style Chicken Coop Belleville Ontario
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  • 82" High
  • 16" Off Ground
  • Holds 16-18 Chickens
  • 8 nesting boxes

STANDARD FEATURES: Paint or oil-based stain, keyed entry door, chicken ramp, nesting boxes, roosting bar, vent lid or vent, slider windows w/screen, asphalt shingles, LP Tech Shield sheathing, aluminum drip edge, LP Flooring, pressure treated legs, epoxy floor, and pressure treated 4" x 4" runners.

Quaker style chicken coops keep your flock safe. Each coop is ventilated with windows. This helps remove dampness, humidity, and ammonia. Each nesting box is large enough for hens to stand comfortably and gives you ample room to collect eggs. The LP Tech Shield sheathing makes cleaning the coop a simple task. 

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